Saturday, August 3, 2013


10 years ago...
I walked into the church building in Cupertino, California.
My heart sank as soon as I walked in.
It was so empty.
It seemed like maybe half the rows had a person or two in them.
The rest were empty.

It has a hard move, since we just moved from Florida less than 2 years before.

But a lot of good came from it.

I made a lot of great friends, 
and my junior and senior year of high school were two of the best years of my life.

The best thing was I met this guy.

(Matt would like to point out that he doesn't normally look this weird. In this ancient photo, the rest of which has been unfortunately omitted, Matt was actually skateboarding, doing a 50-50 on a bike rack to be precise.)

It wasn't love at first sight or second...or even third.

My journal November 2003
(Matt apparently only cracked his knuckles when he was nervous (around girls))

Maybe Matt is somewhere in this picture.
According to my journal he was there... he just didn't want to dance.
So we were supposed to dance together, we just talked instead.
(We didn't dance together until after we were married for a few months)

It actually took us running into each other again in college for us to fall in love.

(There isn't actually a picture of us together way back then.)

Lucky for me, Matt wrote nicer things about me in his journals...

He basically says that he missed me! Pretty sweet of him. 

And here...he called me cool. 
10 years later...
we are married.
With our tiny.
Across the country.


  1. OMG! I remember that picture of Scott and you! :) I didn't know that you knew Matt then Micheley! :) It's been a while - Madeleine is adorable :)

    - Vidya from high school :)

    1. :) Thanks! Life seems to be going pretty awesome for you too!

  2. LUUUUUUUURRRRRVVE this. So cool. Love sappy romance stuff. I an not a sap, except when it comes to my husband. I an still amazed at how we came together and all the cool/amazing stuff that has happened as a result of us meeting and falling in love. Super good times.