Monday, August 27, 2012

School Starts

I love mornings. Especially today.

I poked Matt awake at 5:50 and we laid in bed talking about dreams for 10 min. (I was shocked he woke completely up, but going to bed at 10:30ish has been helping a lot with that. ;) ). I dreamed I was back in high school starting my senior year, which lead us off topic to our favorite teachers and classes, and what we did and didn’t like about high school. After that, we did our normal morning routine, with John Mayer and Journey as our playlist.

I packed him up his lunch, while he folded the laundry. (We took a quick break to sword fight with butter knives. I think we are both “master” level like in the Princess Bride.) Then read scriptures before he left for school.

I missed the mundane routine of that school brings.

Summer was fun, but I like school time (not necessarily being in school.) I like the studying on the bed together, arguing over writing styles, and looking forward to making dinner together. It’s kind of weird that I’m taking my last two classes, and after this I’ll be done. I was feeling a bit sentimental and took a picture of Matt on his first day of his Senior year of undergrad.

I think he looks quite heroic. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

1 year

Matt and Michele have been married for 366 days. Wow! That's a lot of days. How have things changed since Matt and Michele decided to tie the knot? Let's turn the time over to our chief analyst for some one year anniversary statistics.

Okay. I'll admit, this graph is pretty boring. Either you are pregnant, or you're not. No in betweens as long as you don't time travel too often. NEXT!

Here is the number of books on Matt and Michele's bookshelf over the last year. As you can see, I've super-imposed their net assets as well. Probably a spurious correlation.

You can never have too much pie, and Matt and Michele have been eating it by the dumptruck load. Take a look at that!

And last but not least; is the love still alive? The verdict is yes! But apparently Matt is quite a monster at the end of the semester. Here are some other random statistics.

Dishes broken: 2
Gallons of paint used: 1.5
Nanny episodes watched: a lot
M+M's consumed: (we're talking the M+M apocalypse here)

That's all, folks