Saturday, August 24, 2013

A New Kind of Adventure

This week has been an interesting week.
If you told me last Sunday that I would have a job on Friday, I would have laughed.
I wasn't even thinking about it.
Then Monday night I put my resume online.
I was interviewed Wednesday, and my first day was Thursday.
The best part is I get to take Tiny with me.
The 2nd best part is we get paid to hang out with two cute kids and two sweet dogs.

The first day went great...for the most part.
Madeleine and I got our "work" clothes on and went off to work!
(I'm kicking myself for not waking Matt up to take a picture)

When we got there the kids were asleep, but soon they were up and ready to play.
It was a rainy day.
It rained all day.
(At one point we went out on the porch and the little girl said, "Hey!! It looks like a waterfall!!!!!")
So we were cooped up inside but still having fun.
After lunch when we were all sleepy and full, we decided to watch a movie.
I was lying on the couch watching all three kids playing on the floor together while watching the movie.
It was a really sweet moment.
After a few minutes though, the little boy ran over to pet the dog.
He pointed to the floor and said, "Water!"

Water in its calm state

I jumped up to see water rushing through one of the corners of the door.
I grabbed my phone and called their mom.
She couldn't hear me so I went up the stairs a bit.
She told me just to unclog the drain on the back porch.
When I came back down, the water had spread across half the room.
I told the five year old to run upstairs and grab some towels.
I barricade the rug so that the water wouldn't touch it.
(Meanwhile the little boy and Madeleine were squealing and playing in the puddle.)
  Then I went and unblocked the drain.
When I opened the door to to do it five inches of water rushed into the house, sending a little tsunami across the room.

How I felt

Luckily, unclogging the drain did the trick.
I looked around to survey the damage.
There were some puddles that were 2-3 inches deep and about a third of the basement was covered in water. 
But I was proud to see that none of the carpet got wet.

I started to clean up the mess, when I hear someone shout, "Hello! Is anyone there?"
It was their grandmother.
I answered the door with Madeleine naked in my arms (her diaper had fallen off  because of all of the water it had absorbedr) and the 3 year old boy stood next to me with slightly more clothes on.
Great first impression eh?

I scooted out of that place as soon as I could.
At least I can say my first day ended with a splash.

We got home and took a bath before waiting outside for Matt to come.

Needless to say he was amused by our adventure.

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