Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Half Birthday!

Madeleine has survived to 6 months!!!! 
Honestly, we weren't sure she was going to survive this long with us as her parents.
She weights 14 lb 7 oz and is 26.2 inches long.
The Dr said her hair grow is in the 5th percentile. ;)

 She isn't quite crawling yet,but she can certainly get around the room. She pulls herself up onto her hands and knees and she scoots up her knees and dives. She looks like she is doing the worm...a fast worm at that.

Along with that, she is good at sitting. She topples over when she gets distracted but she no longer needs her hands to support herself when she's sitting. As for rolling...she's mastered it.

She is also quite the flirt. Earlier this month when we went to the Logan Art Festival, she smiled at an old man and he asked her to dance! He said that he wanted to dance with the sweetest girl in town, and that as soon as she was walking, he was first in line. She just wins over hearts with that big toothless grin of hers. Even tonight when we were at Denny's, the man next to us started telling us about his 2 year old because Madeleine smiled at him.

She's also becoming an easier and easier baby.
Despite all the traveling we have been putting her through, she still a fairly good sleeper and happy most of the time. 
Matt and I are constantly laughing at her.
Tonight we gave her some whipped cream for her half birthday celebration.
She made the funniest faces before grabbing for more.

Her favorite toys are spoons and baby dino. She loves straws too.
She thinks playing on the floor is the best thing ever and spends hours just wiggling around.

I feel bad that her half birthday was spent by being in her car seat for 18 hours as we drove the first half to Princeton. She was a good sport about it, but after we got to the hotel and decided to drive to Denny's to eat, she cried when she saw the car seat.

Poor Baby.

I'll let you all know how the rest of the move goes later this week, 
but right now we are happy celebrating the life of our Tiny.
Because she's really something.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Since it's Matt's first Father's Day, we celebrated all weekend.

Yesterday we went to a car show.

 I wanted the stingray to be Matt's Father's Day present, but he said we couldn't spend $17,000 on a sport car yet. Too bad...

Matt was a bit bummed that Tiny couldn't go on the bounce house yet.

Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Matt wanted some and I am glad he did. They were good! Our favorite sauce was the "Wild" sauce. 

Then today we went on a picnic and flew a kite.

Matt wanted raspberries but I wanted chocolate, so we whipped up some chocolate covered raspberries.

Baby just wanted his glasses.

I think all in all this was 150x more successful than Matt's birthday, which I was grateful for.
He is a great dad. Baby loves hanging out with him.
Matt's way more patient than me at 3:30 in the morning with her than me.
Tiny Human also seems to like it when he plays legos with her, 
or when he cuddles and takes naps with her.
She really adores him, and it is completely obvious too. 

Happy Father's Day, sweetheart! We love you.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Stuff for Baby's room

Yesterday, Baby and I went to the Logan Art Festival. There were so many things we wanted to buy, but we left empty handed. But then, today we went back but this time with my mom and Matt.

We ended up getting some of the things that we had wanted before.

Back at in Provo when we went to the Bijou Market, I bought Madeleine this little truck from the Wooden Giraffe. She loves it. She pushes it and then army crawls after it. She also sticks her finger through the hole and chews on it. I think it's pretty cool we got another today.

It has little blocks in the back. Madeleine was so excited and it kept her entertained while Matt and I bargained for some art work from her room.

We ended up getting this piece and one other from this artist. I LOVE it.

It's going to go along perfectly with this dresser we got back in May for her. :) I love this piece too. Check out those handles. (Click for a bigger picture)

I'm thrilled to set up her room and get out my summer bedding for our bed.

Lastly, Madeleine had a picnic when we got home.

I thought this was too cute not to add. :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Random Update.

Utah is beautiful right now...or at least Logan.
When we got here, we had these poppies greeting us.
I can't get over how pretty they are. 
When I saw them and got all excited, 
Matt said, "I'm guessing we'll have a camera card full of poppies by the end of the week."

It took a few days, but now we are back in the swing of things.
Today was an "In town" day.

Here are a few photos...

The store where you buy sisters?

Baby touching flowers

We've also been playing outside.

Other than that, we've been procrastinating getting to move.
There is just so much to do, and we don't want to do any of it.
It's more fun to read Junie B. Jones books to tiny, make pizza or even watch paint dry on our bookshelves.

We still have 14 days left. That's long enough right?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Rest of Texas

We just got home from Texas. 
The first week we were there, there was so much rain.
But once the sun came out, we were frequently at the pool.

Waving to her minions 

When we weren't, Baby hung out in laundry baskets and chewed on kitchen supplies.

Matt and I took pictures of random stuff.

"R" for Rowdy

And did a puzzle.

While Matt and I were puzzling on something, Pop would take baby on walks (giving Matt and me just time to hang out together). 
On the last day I went with them and saw all the random things Tiny experienced when we weren't around.
Makes me wonder what she saw all the other days.

And while we loved having time alone, we were always happy to see her back.

Then on Wednesday, we packed our bags and flew back home.

(Matt was so worried we get in trouble for taking a photo on the plane.
So this is the best shot we got.)

We had so much fun. Texas was the perfect break before we start getting ready for our next adventure.

Just saying.