Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Peach Festival

Saturday was awesome.

I had been looking forward to it all week and thankfully it was more awesome than I expected.

I was excited about Terhune Orchard's peach festival
and I was originally planning on leaving right at 9:30 so I could get there when it started at 10.
Everything seemed to be working against me.

It was raining.
The Tiny was crabby.
I kept forgetting things.
Finally at 10:30, we left the house.

I made a few wrong turns (very scenic wrong turns might I add)
when I saw a sign that said "FABRIC GARAGE SALE! 9-11."
I just had to go.
I flipped on my blinker and turned right into that place.

This lady had TONS of fabrics.
I kept thinking that she was Matt's nightmare.
A house full of fabric for projects that never got done.
But she was selling at an amazing price.
$1 per lb.
So I had to get some.

I only had $1, but probably got about 3 yards of fabric.
I chatted with the other lady that was browsing there.
Turns out she gives sewing lessons for adults!
I found her website when I got home.
I think I might try to take one of those.

After that delightful delay,
we finally went to the Peach Festival.
Only they didn't let you pick peaches.
Just blueberries for $2.75 a lb!

Other moms were turning back, but not me.
I didn't balk at the thought of off-road strollering in the rain.
(Poor Lance probably hates me for it)

And after the blueberries came the blackberries.

I know they don't look black, but there were plenty of black ones there too.

By then I had spent half of the cash I had brought with me,
so we explored the farm a bit.

This is a practice cow to milk.
You squeeze the utter and water squirts out.

Madeleine was not that interested.
But she sure looked adorable on the little milking stool.

Still rocking 2 feet.

The orchard also had a huge flower garden that they let you pick flowers from for 25 cents each.
I was pretty thrilled to get some.
So was Tiny.

She ate this one up.
A lady there was like, "Oh! How cute!!! She is such a girl. Look at her loving flowers. She's such a sweet girly girl."

She just likes eating everything.

She was still munching and playing with that poor flower when we got home.

The survivors...for now.

I ended that day with going to the Cheesecake Factory with a big group of women at church.
Told you it was a perfect day,
but then again, any day that ends with chocolate cake is pretty perfect.
so true !

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