Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Pot Pasta

Yesterday Madeleine and I went on an awesome adventure to Hopewell.
We both weren't feeling good.
When we got home, we both went to sleep.
(Oh and I forgot to bring my camera)

Today was grocery shopping day.
I love grocery shopping. 
It is even more fun now because Wegman's is so amazing.

**Warning: Flagrant grocery store bragging ahead**

This store is incredible.

It has "Pregnant lady parking"/"mothers with small minion parking".
Shopping carts are not squeaky and they have easy to use baby seat belt.
(We had a bit of an issue with that at Trader Joe's today.)
It also have more free samples than Costco,
and the selection is amazing.

For example, today I was looking for brie and cotija cheese.
They not only had both, but 12 different types of brie!
I didn't know what to buy, so their cheese expert came and educated me on brie.
How cool is that? 

The exceptional customer service doesn't end there.

Today it was raining all day.
When I was leaving, one of the workers grabbed an umbrella and offered to walk us to the car.
He not only escorted us, but he load the groceries and put away my cart, just so I wouldn't get wet.
How sweet is that?!

I could go on and on. I like it that much.

Madeleine updated Matt on her day while I cooked dinner

Anyway the reason I needed the brie was because I was trying a different variation of one pot pasta for dinner tonight.
It wasn't worth the money for this pasta, but our normal one pot pasta is awesome.
So here is the recipe!


2 1/2 c of water

1/2 bag of Linguini or some other type of pasta 
(this is brown rice pasta from Trader Joe's)

2 handfuls of cut up tomatoes of some sort 
(The little tomatoes work really well too)

1/4 c Basil 

1 onion (optional)

a few shakes of red pepper flakes 
(optional, but I really think it makes this dish)

1/2 T. of oil

1 clove of garlic

Throw everything in the pot turn it on medium.
Wait until the pasta is cooked.
Don't drain it. 
(If you wait a minute, the water will turn into sauce)
Top it with cheese.


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