Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 months

Baby Madeleine is 10 lb. 11 oz. and 22.4 inches long.
She really loves to talk and sleep.
She'll talk on the phone with Matt, and 
last night she slept 7 hr straight in her crib.
Right now her wake up routine takes about 15 minutes,
 if she wants to wake up,
45+ if she doesn't.

She does it exactly like Matt, but in a less manly way.
Matt didn't believe me until one time when he woke up at the same time as her.
I started giggling and he looked down at her.
Both Matt and Madeleine were stretching in exactly the same way.
It reminded me from What a Girl Wants, when Daphne butters her toast just like her dad, even though she just met him. 

I'm thinking like the buttered toast, long stretching wake up routines are genetic in this family.

 She still makes her "Stitch face" a lot.
(Before wreaking widespread havoc.)

But she is also smiling all the time and laughing too.
Everytime I take out the camera she stops though, so I haven't been able to get it on film yet.

In the last few weeks, she has decided that... 
she hates the sun in her eyes.
the car seat isn't her enemy but her friend since it takes her places.
hitting things is fun.
(Sometimes she punches herself in the eyes when she's bored.)
she loves being changed.
fingers are fun to grab.
cooing is as fun as growling.
watching herself on video is the coolest thing ever.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Trader Joe's

Madeleine went to Trader Joe's for the first time.

 She slept for most of it.

Then she woke up to smell the flowers.

She even helped shop for my favorite items.

The little flag on top of her cart said it all.

She was exhausted after all that shopping,
so she curled up to sleep with Baby Dino.

While she sleeps, her mom and grandma get to eat all the yummy foods from Trader Joe's.
What a good day for all of us.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Princeton Review

Motto: "Under God's Power She Flourishes"
Mascot: Tiger
Colors: Orange and black (big points off for that)
Nearby Cities: New York City!!! and Philadelphia
Closest Hogwarts colors: none. :(
Best movie quote about Princeton: 
"Where do princesses go to college?”
“They go...where the princes go. They go to Princeton."
Famous People that went to Princeton:
There is a really long list on Wiki, but the most important is Andy from Toy Story.
Apparently in Toy Story 3 there are several hints that he was going to Princeton.

That's pretty awesome. :)

This where Matt will be spending all his time. It's the Frick Building and it's brand new.
All new equipment, lots of space, all organized.
Matt is completely in love with it.

We would probably live in this complex, Stanworth Apartments.

And this would be our grocery store.
Along with..

!!! No surprise there, since that was one of my requirements for where ever Matt goes.

The malls look pretty too.

There is even a cute looking Starbucks. Even though we don't drink coffee, I always feel a bit more at home when one is near by. Also in high school, the 10th grad class I TAed for defined civilization as where ever there is a Starbucks. So maybe that influenced me just a bit.

Anyway while Matt was gone, Baby and I went shopping in Park City with our friends Kaitlan and Claire. We also were supposed to go to a Princess Party at BYU, but Madeleine had no patience for it. So I just snapped one or two photos of her all dressed up, before she started crying again.

I really missed Matt. He helps out so much with the Baby. Also, she only sleeps well when she is sleeping with him. See how happy she is? She only sleeps like 3 hours a night this weekend. With him around, it is more like 8. She slept basically from 11 to 10 the first night he was back. I was thrilled.

Matt came home from Princeton really excited and tired. Doesn't mean we are going there though. He still has 4 more schools to visit. :) But what do you think? Can you see us living here?

Matt leaves for Wisconsin next. I'm really hoping he doesn't go there, but I'll still do a post on that one too. I'm a bit nervous and excited about where he will pick. We already know when we are moving out of Provo, now we just need to know where. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Early Valentine's Day

Matt and I desperately needed a date night, since Valentine's Day and our year and half anniversary are next week. Matt is leaving the morning of Valentine's Day to New Jersey, so we ditched our baby at my parent's house and went snowboarding. (Yeah for great snow and a Dr.'s okay). We had so much fun, even though neither of us can really move today. Our muscles are so sore.

A few high points...

I lost one of my gloves on the ski lift on the way up to our first run. Matt swore I was going to freeze but I did just fine. The sleeve to his sweatshirt that I was wearing was frozen stiff by the end of the night, but it kept my hand warm.

I was run over by some random guy. Poor thing somehow got his snowboard wedged between my legs and my snowboard. He was so embarrassed but we were both fine.

Matt winning the admiration of some younger kids with his jumping skill in the terrain park.

We were pretty excited though at the end of the night to cuddle with baby. :)

And eat cookies.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

6 weeks

Baby Goober (that's what we've been calling her for the last two weeks...since she produces a lot of different types of goo...) is 6 weeks old. 6 weeks in the baby world is like turning 13 in the normal world. It's a big milestone apparently.

Babies start smiling, sleeping better, growing some more...all sorts of random new skills. Moms really like this point to, because the baby starts acting human. I had that realization 3 days ago. I told Matt that I was finally seeing her a tiny person instead of a baby monkey. He said it was good that I had come to accept that our baby was the same species as me.

Yesterday we went to mine and baby's 6 week check ups. We both are doing well, but baby has a cold.

Weight: 9lb. 4 oz
Heights: 21.5 in

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music Baby - 1 month

For her 1 month photos, I wanted to do some music ones, since both Matt and I play multiple instruments and our parents both own a lot. I only did a guitar (which Matt plays) and piano sheet music (we both play piano). I still have a lot more instruments at my disposal, so there will be more coming. ;)     

We had so much fun with the guitar. In the photo below, she started plucking the strings. She was so excited that when she moved her finger that music started playing.  

Along with liking music, she also endorses recycling.