Monday, August 26, 2013

8 months

Can you believe it?
Our tiny creature is 8 months old.

She's still tiny, coming in around 16 lb 12 oz.
I love it.
She's so cute.
She has a third of one of her bottom teeth and an eighth of the one next to it.
She crawls and climbs on everything.
She rambles "mama" and "dada" quite a bit,
 but she loves talking nonsense even more.

She also discovered the joy of blowing raspberries on everything.
It cracks us up.

She responds to her name.
She loves dogs.
She can take steps as long as she is holding onto something.
She likes to tackle other children that are a few months older than her.
She still loves her baths.

Cheerios are her junk food of choice,
followed closely by ice cream.
She can't quite get over how cold ice cream is.

She loves anything that sparkles, especially shoes.
Her favorite toy is probably the little toy truck we got her.
She loves music and waving hi to people on the street.

I have to give myself an extra 30 minutes when we go anywhere,
because people will stop us and say "She waved to me!"
and then continue to tell us their whole life story.

And lastly,
she still loves her dad a lot.

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