Monday, February 6, 2012

First Dance Ever

For anyone who didn’t know, Matt and I met when we were 14. At the age of 14 in the LDS church, boys and girls are encouraged to start mingling. Usually, it starts like this:


*awkward pause*

“Uh hi.”

*both run in opposite directions*

Or sometimes, it’s like this:

“Would you like to dance? I think this is a slow dance song.”

“Well… I guess.”

*awkward shuffling mixed with complete uncertainty as to where to place hands*

“Sooo… what’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?”

“I’m lactose intolerant.”

Matt, on the other hand, was too cool for school. With his long, blonde hair and  black band, XXXL T-shirts, he wasn’t really into that whole dancing thing. When we were supposed to swing dance together for mutual, we ended up not dancing. Instead, we talked together, masterfully avoiding the awkwardness.

Fast forward to last week, we still had not ever danced together. But fate seemed to want to fix that because we were invited to go to a married people formal dance with a few of my friends. While I was excited to get all dressed up, I was even more excited to finally have my first dance with my husband. I carefully did my make up and burnt a few fingers doing my hair, but I was so ready to leave and get on that dance floor. We arrived and instantly were slightly shocked.

In the middle of the BYU ballroom there was a 10-foot, red pole!! Yes, a pole. (And yes, there were people dancing on the pole)

Then we looked to the right and there was a bingo table (old retired people activity right?) and a magician (he was really cool and basically the best part). On the left side, there was a long line that turned out to be for photo booth pictures.

Also despite it being a “wedding attire” dance, they played pop music and line dances. (Pretty amusing to watch girls in big, poofy dresses and heels trying to do the Cotton-eye Joe)

I was completely overwhelmed. I am not the biggest fan of dances. Everyone still awkwardly stood around (as couples now) just like the dances that Matt didn't go to when we were 14. I was determined to get that first dance. After bleeding all over my dress (I cut my knee) and refusing to dance to a few songs (Matt! This can’t be our first song. It has to be special!!!), we finally got to dance for the first time to a clean (and ridiculous --Matt) version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

My night was complete. So now Matt and I officially have two songs as “our” songs.

Half Moon Bay by Train
(We went to our honeymoon there! and it's a great song...)

"Teenage Dream" the weird version
(Our first dance and the theme of our honeymoon. Yes, we had a theme for our honeymoon.)

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