Sunday, June 10, 2012

Loving Marriage

 I know I’ve been awful about updating. We’ve been sleeping and working. (Matt might be growing so he is sleeping as much as me lately.) But here is something cute that I wanted to type up really fast before I forgot.

So, I was on pinterest looking up love quotes tonight. We had Matt’s old roommates over and we had just started settling down for the night. (Okay, I was. Matt was cleaning, but I think that’s his version of getting ready for bed in a way.)

When I came to the last one, I looked up at Matt. He was putting away the laundry. (That is my least favorite chore ever. A few nights ago, I even had a dream that Matt married a second wife just to do the laundry, because he got sick of doing it.) He saw me grinning at him, and accidently threw a sock at my head. I threw it back at him a few times, before he came over and kissed me.

I love our marriage. We’ve been married almost 10 months, and every day I like it a little more. We fight. We laugh. We discuss random things.

Last night I read a book on Matt’s lap while he played xbox. When I wanted him to read part of what I was reading, he would pause it or have me read it out loud, and then talk to me about it. It felt like a pretty perfect night.

This first year of marriage has been 100x better than dating or being engaged. If this one year is my happily ever after, I’ll take it. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Potato Salad

10 1/2 weeks, and I'm eating again!! Yeah!!! The last 4ish weeks, my appetite basically reduced to almost nothing, and I absolutely had no motivation or desire to cook.

But I started cooking again this weekend, partly because I started feeling better, and partly because our friends the Heims moved out. :(

We got some food from them. Mostly random stuff, that Natashya and I (just a week ago) stared at in complete despair, as we tried to find something edible between our two refrigerators. (Her sweet husband ended up getting us a pizza when he found us half delirious on their living room floor from hunger.)

One thing we got was a collection of Mayo.
(These aren't the small ones either. They are the 30 oz. each.)
(Matt was so grossed out that we had this much in our fridge."Michele, next time don't grab anything we already have." I told him he should be grateful, I didn't take all the mustard.)

I had a plan though. Over Memorial Day weekend, I had been craving for potato salad, and Matt refused to get any because he didn't want us to go over budget. The Heim's conveniently had the missing ingredients we needed. So Saturday afternoon, I dragged myself into our kitchen and started cooking. I haven't really stopped since then. (We have made chicken enchiladas, curry, and soup since.)
Tada! Potato salad...the recipe is here, and way healthier than the grocery store stuff.