Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Celebrating 2 years together

Matt took the day off yesterday to celebrate our anniversary.
We threw around a lot of ideas for what we could do,
but in the end we figured that the beach trumped New York City.

When we woke up, we got ready and left.
About ten minutes after we left the house,
it started raining.
It was coming down in sheets.
Matt could barely see the road, and several times we contemplated pulling over.
We had two stops on our way there, so we had our fingers crossed that it would be cleared up by the time our errands were done.
We needed sunscreen and Matt got me flip-flops for my anniversary present.
(I got him a pepper grinder. lol)

People were probably thinking we were crazy at Target and TJ Maxx.
We were in our swimsuits all ready for the beach...while it looked like anything but a beach day outside.

When we got about a mile from the beach, we finally saw some sunlight.
It still hadn't quite reached the beach when we got there.
As we bought our beach passes, the lady there said,
"You realize there is no refund."
We reassured her that we were planning on getting wet anyway,
so the rain didn't bother us much.

We ran into the water.
It was wonderful.
The ocean was a bit choppy and there was no one there.
We had to get out after a bit because Tiny was getting cold.
We grabbed lunch at Applebee's before heading back.

The sun was out when we got there!
It was beautiful.
The three of us walked down the beach together.
Tiny on Matt's shoulders and us holding hands.
It was great.

After that back in the water we went.
We played until dinner time,
before heading home to brownies and curry.