Sunday, August 25, 2013


You know what's amazing?
A secure attachment.
Best thing ever.

Secure attachment

About a week ago, we were playing at the park. 
I was on a blanket taking pictures of her when she looked at me and crawled off!

First, 4 feet, then 8 feet, and finally 20ish!!

I love her face. It's like weird determination.

She kept looking at me every so often, making sure that I was still there.
When she finally reached her destination, she sat and ate wood chips for a few minutes before crawling back to me.

When she came back, I doused her with plenty of mommy kisses.

It's been pretty great.
She'll play in her room or crib by herself now for long periods of time.
I'll here her talking to herself and playing.
If she's on the floor, she come and find me when she wants something.
She gives me a big smile as she pokes her head around the corner into the room I am in.
It's so sweet.

And...pop! Here's her smile!

I'll really miss this when she gets a bit bigger and is walking.

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