Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welcome to our home! (Part 1)

I always feel like when I move that I'm some type of cowgirl that has to break in and tame my house.
Each room has its own challenges and getting the place to feel like home is even more frustrating.
And they each seem to fight me too!

So far we have conquered 4 out of 5 rooms of our home.
Madeleine's room has been the most difficult,
But the rest of the home is starting to come together.

 So without further ado...
here is the kitchen and the bathroom.

 My kitchen is great.
I actually have a lot of extra room in it.
The only problem I have with it is the lack of a dishwasher,
but come on, I lived without a dishwasher for most of my college life.
I love the window and door to the outside in this kitchen.
It has the most beautiful light in the morning and late afternoon,
and at night I watch the fireflies.
A pretty romantic way to do dishes. 

Madeleine has her own little chair too to eat in. 

If I turned 180 from where I was standing in the kitchen,
you see my little bookshelf.
It  is my "command corner".
Everything in the house runs from the white board.

It has our menu, grocery list, needs, wants, budget, and to do list.
Important dates and documents go up on there too.
I love it and it is my favorite corner of our home.

The small,
so small that I couldn't get a picture of it.
So here are some of the features.

Shower curtain

Storage closet

I love Lucy + shelf.

The sink I couldn't get a good photo of.

Our bedroom and living room will come soon.

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