Who is Baby X?

Baby X is the little guy that I nanny in our home. He hangs out with us about 45 hours a week and we adore him. Since he isn't my kid, there are no pictures and I don't use his real name, but he really does exist. And no, I didn't get pregnant and kept it a secret the whole time.

You mention Montessori sometimes. What is it?

It's a early childhood education method. It's traditionally for children between 3-6. The wiki page is actually pretty good, and you can read it here. Since Madeleine isn't 3 yet, I mainly have been using RIE method and also pulling a bit from Waldorf.

RIE I think is best explained by Janet Lansbury's blog, and waldorf is a lot harder to explain. To be honest, I didn't really start understanding it until I went to a Waldorf school. If you want more info on that, email me and I'll point you in a few more resources.

Why are you guys minimalizing?

Because it gives us a reason to feel good about being poor. Just kidding. Really it was a practical solution to for my ADHD. I struggle with keeping a lot of things in order and having less really helps me be a better family member to live with. I pitched the idea at the end of last year to Matt and he almost cried in happiness. Since then, we've been steadily moving forward with refining what we have and what we need. It's been pretty awesome, since some of the benefits is saving money and less stress. It has also drastically changed some of the goals of our marriage.

To go along with minimalism, I also have a goal to drastically reduce trash in our home and to bike more. It might sound like I'm super eco friendly, but to be completely honest, I find the challenge of it more fun than the good outcomes.

You have a lot of typos.

I try to have someone read over thing before I publish them, but it doesn't always happen. I have a learning disability that makes me skip words or endings when I read without me noticing. It would take a lot more effort for me to edit a post well than most people, and I've decided it isn't worth my time right now. 

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