Sunday, August 18, 2013


My kitchen sink looked like this this morning.
I had no motivation what-so-ever to clean it up so I could eat.

Tiny was sitting on the floor just looking at me.
So I grabbed the cheerios
and poured them on the floor.

We just sat there on the floor eating together.
I wasn't sure if she could eat them, since she doesn't have any teeth.
But sure enough her tiny fingers picked them up and they disappeared into her mouth.

It was a strangely sweet bonding moment.
Watching her watching me,
eating the same food off the same floor.
My head kept thinking that if people saw me that they would think I was an awful mother.
I mean hard is it to wash out a bowl.
And what kind of example was I being by eating food off the floor?
But oddly enough, I felt like I was being awesome.

I knew my baby was watching every move I made.
I knew she liked me being on the floor with her.
I think she liked me being at her level.
Eating breakfast her way.
It slowed me down and made me less rushed.

While I was sitting there, 
I watched her back.
I observed how she struggled with the pincer grasp.
I watched as her dark eyes tracked my hands,
and how she just stared smiling at my face.
I saw her poke cheerios back in her mouth that didn't quite make it.
She's working hard on that whole being human thing, 
and she's making a lot of progress.
I think I need to be a bit more patient with her.

I saw my baby in the morning light coming through our door.
Especially after these hard teething nights,
it was nice seeing her as the sweet baby she is.
We connected in a weird way that morning.
I needed it.
Maybe she did too.

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