Sunday, September 23, 2012

This week

This week has been pretty busy around here. Matt took his first test and graduate school applications opened up. I had my first assignment to turn in, and since Matt has been so busy, a lot of time to do crafts. :). 

Ward Activity
Saturday, we went to our ward 5 k. My hip has been popping out of joint, so I wasn't allowed to run it. Matt did though.
Matt before the run. He wasn't super thrilled about it.
Both of us, after the run (and walk for me). By then happy endorphins were kicking in and Matt was more awake. 
Matt and I had been reading this together for the last month or so. We both really enjoyed the whole book  minus the ending.  It kept us laughing and it wasn't a super long read. 

These are the two books I read this week. A Change of Heart was an interesting read. It was about cell memory in transplant organs. It was a bit strange, but I enjoyed it. 

This book has been Matt's mistress all week. ::shakes fist::

 Baby is now in 3rd trimester! Woot! Less than 100 days until Christmas and baby!!!! (93 to be exact). She moves a lot, which is a lot of fun for us. Matt likes to watch my stomach move and we both like poking it. It's neat when you poke your stomach and it pokes back at you.

I have been working on baby's quilt for the last month or two and this week I finished it! We also made her mobile and stuff. So her corner of the room is done.
Her corner of room 
Close up of baby mobile
Matt is really proud of the origami pteranodons. 
I know you can't really see it, but the clouds are totally covered in glitter.
We also have stars on the ceiling in different constellations.
So when we turn off the lights, our ceiling still looks cool.
(Also great for me when Matt explains what he is learning in Astronomy.)
Closer up picture of the quilt. I'm really happy with quilts when I finish them .
Since they take 40+ hrs to make. 
 Matt says that's all that we have done that is interesting this week. So that's all folks. Til next time.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I’ve been quilting in my spare time, and today we (Matt has probably done at least a third of this quilt) finished one!!! I’m so excited. We did the whole thing, from the appliqué to the quilting to hand binding this thing. It took us around two months to finish it!

Matt said it should have said "poop" too. But I didn't think that was very lady or gentleman like.
I really like the diamond quilting and the polka dot binding.

Of course, this isn’t the first quilt that I’ve done. This summer I’ve been finishing up quilts that I made forever ago (maybe 6 years ago?), and I’m currently working on baby’s crib quilt. (I’ll put pictures up when I’m done. It’s probably my favorite of the 4.)

The binding isn't finished on this one yet. 
And last and not least, I made crib fitted sheets last night. They were really easy, and they match the crib quilt. :)

Matt is slightly worried, since I'm running out of projects to do. A baby only needs so many quilts, receiving blankets, sheets, and burp pads, and we are pretty sure we've reached the limit. So we'll see what I end up doing next.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What will Offspring look like?

Matt and I were pretty cute kids.

Matt at 5ish
Me at 5ish
I don't think we look to similar, so we keep trying to guess what in the world offspring is going to look like.

I used a two online generators to get a guess.

This one totally freaked me out! Matt and I just laughed over it. She looks like a man!!!
(We had about the same reaction as Lily did when Mitch and Cam from Modern Family  got bored and decided to do this. (I couldn't find the clip. :( ))

This one is a lot better...she at least looks like a kid.
So according to the internet, offspring with have brown hair and hazel or green eyes. The nice thing about the first one has thick hair. So anyone else have any guesses what she really will look like?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Things

Nothing super exciting has been going on lately. Matt does homework and I try to entertain myself without distracting him. (I’m really good at being distracting.) But here are few things going on...

Matt figured out how to get photos off our phones and onto the computer. It was tricky since neither of us have picture text, but here are some of my favorites.

This one and the next one are from when we were dating. We didn't take a ton of pictures (not like we take a lot now),  so getting these made us happy.
Those are rice and beans. If you were wondering.
Earlier this summer, we were walking to where we parked my parents car. Matt goes,  "Michele, there is something on the window. Do you think we got a ticket?" He was starting to stress out, since it wasn't our car, and Matt has never had a ticket. Turns out it was just a bag of cheetos, and being that flamin' hot cheetos are his favorite, I told him that was a sign from God that he needs to cut back on the chips. 

I was in Tenessee for mother's day, and only finished one of  the mother's day gifts. Matt was sweet enough to make the 2nd apron, and then took this picture to let me see it before he sent it. (I think he looks pretty cute too in an apron.)
This is my absolute favorite picture of Matt that I have. One day I was reading and Matt felt neglected. So he led a trail of m&m's to his lips in hopes of a kiss. 

Also, we’ve been trying out new recipes, since not everything is making me sick again! Here are two that we did this week.
Tom Kha Gai; Rating: 9.73; Comments: Cut lemon grass shorter, add the galangal root from the other recipe (about the same amount as the ginger) and add coconut milk earlier to help thicken.
This recipe was pretty good. We ended up combining it with another recipe, and now we love it. Twice just this week alone. (We are so excited to have the weather down to the 80's so we can make soups again.)
Meat empanadas
Beef Empandas
I actually don't use this recipe. Since my grandfather is from Argentina, I've been making these since I was small, but I tried out her dough recipe today. It wasn't too bad.

Whenever people ask me what it is like being pregnant, I tell them it’s like having the loch ness monster in my stomach. I like feeling her move all the time, and Matt is happy because my freak-outs that the baby is dead are happening less. (And when I do freak out, all I have to do is poke my stomach a few times and she’ll kick back.)
Baby at 24.5 weeks. She's over a pound now and still looks human. 
Photo: 24 weeks! (See? There is a slight bump.)
Me on the same day.  See? Physical evidence that she is pretty big. People are actually starting to notice I'm pregnant.