Thursday, October 31, 2013


Pre-Halloween snack

Post Trick or Treating.

Madeleine loves chocolate,
and I gave her a wrapped hershey chocolate to hold 
while we trick or treated so she'd keep her wig on.
She would not let that thing go.
Just sucked on it as we went around.
She screamed when I tried to take it away from her to buckle her in,
so I let her keep it.
When we got home though, I discovered a baby covered in chocolate!
She somehow got that thing opened and slurped it up.

Silly baby.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


New Jersey isn't the best at naming streets.
There are several streets named "New"
and every other street seems to be "Washington."
No joke.

Matt works off Washington,
and I am at two other Washington streets at least twice a week.

So it was refreshing to see something more creative.


I found this little road on my way to Hopewell the other week.
I've been meaning to get a picture and send it to Mollie.
I finally did it today!

And just for the record...
Aunt Molly Rd. is beautiful.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

10 months!

Madeleine is 17 lb and 4.8 oz
She worked on getting all 4 top teeth in this month.
It's been miserable for her.
We went through several "nursing" strikes, 
but thankfully because of the new teeth, 
solid foods have become a whole lot easier to chew.

She loves food.
She eats everything.
Spicy food, sweet food, sour food.
Doesn't matter to her!
And as far as we can tell, she's not allergic to anything.
(Even peanut butter...which Matt apparently gave her.)

She's extremely mobile.
She can stand for as long as she feels like,
but she hasn't even tried to take a step.

I think she doesn't feel the need to walk,
because she is a speedy little crawler.

She babbles more.
She is starting to really sleep through the night.
She's getting better at self-soothing.
She can't sleep without something fuzzy.
She plays with other kids.
She is extremely curious.

She understands what we are saying some of the time.
She has a favorite color, green.
She hates her carseat.
She is still a Daddy's girl.

She can open cupboards.
She knocks over lamps.
She loves looking in the fridge.
She will keep her hat and shoes on now.
She gives baby kisses.

She most definitely a tiny human still,
but every once in a while we call her "the kid."

Friday, October 25, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Matt and I were so excited for the candy.
We had already eaten all the warheads and kit-kats from the candy bags that we bought,
and we were desperately craving more.

Madeleine's costume is mostly done.
The important thing was that
all those weeks of hat training paid off.
She kept the wig on most of the time.

Since I was so busy making Madeleine's costume, 
I didn't decorate our trunk.
Matt just told everyone that it was a murder scene. :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Baby

We had so much fun this week.
We all went to New York City.
Matt and I saw Phantom of the Opera.
We went to a Halloween party and two birthday parties!!
It was basically the perfect week,
so needless to say...there are tons of photos.

Here are some of the ones from the Halloween Party!


On a hayride!

Isn't he cute?
Well...not as cute as our pumpkin. :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

So big

I love watching kids.
I love being around more children than just my Tiny Creature.
I especially appreciate it when they play with my baby 
even though she is younger than some of the kids that play with her.

Tiny followed a 5 year old all the way up the playground.
Then I ran around to the slide.
Just as Madeleine proudly reached it.

To my surprise she sat on the top.
Then she leaned forward as far as she could.
(I was supervising this part...hence no photos.)
Then she very slowly slid down the slide.

She got stuck once.
Where both of her friends (ages 3 and 5) caught her and hugged her.

Then she turned around and got off the slide.
(Now if she could just do that off our bed, couch or any other random thing she seems to like to dive off).

Madeleine was so thrilled that she climbed back up the play structure.
(It only took 10 minutes this time.)
And slid down the slide.

My Tiny is getting so big...(in a still tiny sense)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some of the people we visited in Utah

Our trip to Utah was great. 
I apparently like visiting it a lot more than living there. 
Madeleine and I had so much fun. 
We went on so many adventures and saw many of our friends. 
It was just about the right amount of time, 
because I have to say that we are so happy to be home.

The most important people Madeleine got to see were her grandparents!

Both sets! (I don't actually have any though with my parents. They are apparently all on my mom's hopefully I'll get one of those soon. Same for her Aunt Rosa and Steele.)

We also saw lot of friends.


We ran into Logan randomly the first time we went on campus.
We purposely met up with him and Erin though on Sat. :)
Also, Ryan and Ariel, but apparently I forgot to take a photo of them. :(


We also saw our friends Brittany and Bridgette. 
Last time we saw Bridgette, she was so tiny!
Now she's a lot bigger and could actually play with Madeleine.
(We'll use the term "play" loosely. 
It was more like Bridgette had a toy, and then Madeleine would take it.)

We also got to spend a lot of time with Baby Annalise.
That sweet baby was born the same day we moved from Utah,
so we hadn't met her yet!

Surprisingly Tiny loved her.
Each time we came over Madeleine would crawl straight over to her!
And then she would talk or grab at her foot.
That's surprisingly social for Madeleine.
Usually she just hangs out with older kids,
so I was pretty shocked.

(By the way, doesn't Bridgette and Annalise have the cutest headbands?)

We also saw Nathan and Brian!
I was so excited to see them, especially since Brian just got off his mission.

It was awesome seeing everyone that we did.
We didn't have that much time, so we squeezed as many people as we could in.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Child Psychology

As a photographer, Michele fills our memory cards with thousands of photos. I was looking through them and found these ten that were obviously taken in rapid succession. I hope that you'll ignore me and pay attention to Madeleine's expressions; I think they illustrate just how intelligent and curious children really are. Madeleine clearly applied the scientific method to the study of my glasses.
I'm bored...
What should I do? 
Oh look... there's something on Daddy's face. 
Whoa.... trippy! 
What is this made of? 
 Hey... I'm not done yet!!
 Can I eat it?
 Apparently not.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


These are just some of the outtakes from our spontaneous photo shoot in American Fork Canyon.
I'm just going to say baby is crazy.