Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 10 - Home and 1st snow day!

Day 10 - Home

I know I'm two days behind and I considered just combining the last three days into one post.
But I really wanted to give "home" a full post.

The reason I didn't post yesterday is Madeleine and I were at a Princeton Housing Meeting.
They are going to tear down the housing community that we live in now in July.
Matt and I are both really sad that we are going to have to leave this place.
When I first found out we were moving to the complex, I was actually pretty upset.
I was pretty sure that it would be awful.
But living here has actually been really wonderful.

So Day 10's photo is our floor plan! Tada!!

Matt and I are in Bedroom #1 and Madeleine is in the front.

It's honestly the perfect size for the three of us.
The big closet has been serving as my sewing room.

Here are pictures of most of our house.
I still haven't done a post on our room. 

On another note, this week we got our first snow.

We were SO excited. 

We got all dressed up to play.

Madeleine liked the snow...
until she took off her gloves and touched it.

Matt and I were laughing so hard.

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