Thursday, December 12, 2013

Food! - Day 11 and 12

Day 11- Breakfast

Breakfast is a funny meal in our household.
We either go all out or we're eating cheerios on the floor.
If the kitchen is clean-ish and we don't hit the snooze button 100x,
we tend to eat really well.
But more days than I'd like to admit, we seem to just snack on Cheerios.

This was a spinach, mushroom, artichoke, and brie omelet.
It was good.
It would have been better without the artichoke.
(We actually got up this morning.)

Day 12 - Cookies

Oh man, we love cookies.
I was so excited for an excuse to get some. 
After Tiny and I went to Baby story time at the library today, 
we asked one of the librarians where we could get a good cookie.
They pointed us down the street to Olives.
Gah, they were sooo good and cheap.

That's a tart.
The cookie was so flaky and buttery.

And then these chocolate ones...

They were so good and thick.
The chocolate was so dark.
I was in heaven.
Madeleine loved them too surprisingly.
I didn't think she'd like them since they were a bit bitter.

She washed it down with cow milk.
We're working on switching her from formula.
Breast milk to formula switch was really easy,
I'm hoping that formula to cow milk goes just as smoothly.

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