Sunday, December 22, 2013

What Not to do for Christmas Photos

Doesn't this photo look great?
I saw her tutorial on pinterest (found here) and immediately thought
"Oh yeah, I can totally take photos by myself."

Famous last words right?
I found my inspiration on pinterest
Made a cute little sign.
Picked a place and outfits.
Now just to get Matt home to take the photos
and we would have Christmas cards out by December 1st.


If only I knew.

Attempt #1
I made a big point to Matt about how I needed him to get home by 4 so we could get the Christmas photos done.
It was a pretty big deal since he isn't usually done until at least 6,
but since sunset was at 5, we need photos done between 4-5.

Meanwhile, I spent the whole day on finishing touches.
I realized about half way through the day that we were missing a few things,
so I ran to Walmart...two days before Thanksgiving.
What was I thinking??
At 3:45, I'm running through Walmart as everyone points at Madeleine in her big poofy dress.
"Yes, I know my baby doesn't have socks on. She bites them off."
"Yes, she's in a big poofy dress, but sorry, we have to go before we're late for the sun!"

At 4:15, I barely out of the Walmart parking lot thanks to traffic.

Tip #1: Don't go to Walmart before a photo shoot 2 days before Thanksgiving

I pulled into our apartment at 4:30 where Matt had set everything up.
(He didn't even point out that he was the one on time and I was the one late after I harassed him so much.)
I tried a few practice shots.

A practice shot

I was thrilled.
The lighting looked great.
All we had to do was pose.

We got one family photo...
and then my camera battery started flashing!
It was dead.
I just about cried.
I thought I had charged it.

Tip #2: Charge your camera battery

Matt felt pretty bad for me so he said some comforting words and went back to work.

Attempt #2
That Sunday we tried again.
Matt wasn't on a time crunch, so we figured it was a great time to take photos.
We got all dressed up again.
Set everything up and took the practice photo.

This time the shadows were just too sharp.

I was so frustrated.

Tip #3: Check what time the sun goes down the day you take photos.

Matt again said some encouraging words and we went inside.

Attempt #3
Matt came home early again.
This time at 3 giving us plenty of time before sundown.
We went out and set up, but again the shadows looked awful.
I was going to get these pictures one way or another,
so we moved to the trees by our house.

We set the tripod up and started taking photos.

We got a few taken.
But then Madeleine started acting up.
So Matt still being supportive decided to cheer her up.

Tip #4: Supportive husband and chocolate are a must.

We got back to taking photos,
but then I trip over the tripod and landed on my thumb.
Matt immediately thought I broke it,
but I was determined to get at least one photo!!

Tip #5: Don't sprain your thumb taking photos.
Tip #6: Don't trip over the tripod.

So we take a few of Madeleine before walking in the house defeated.

We did end up with this cute Christmas photo,
but by this point the whole experience wasn't something I wanted to remember any of this,
so we ended up doing a completely different photo shoot inside the house.
It was a lot easier and we got to eat cookies.

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  1. lol, that is some great advice! You have such a cute family :)