Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 6

Day 6 - To-do list

Late last night I asked Matt to grab me a notebook to write down Madeleine's list.
I have tons of notebooks,
and he happened to grab one that I hadn't written in awhile.
I flipped to the last page,
and there was my to-do list from last year about this time.
I laughed.

I don't actually have much of a to-do list currently (there's like 4 things on it),
so I wasn't really sure what I was going to do for today.
It was a sweet moment to find this list and reflect on last year.
Our life was so busy.
Matt just finished applying to grad schools and we were just hearing back.
I had my last two finals at BYU before I graduated,
and our Tiny was supposed to show up at anytime.
On top of that, Mollie, my sister, was leaving to the MTC any day and my brother just 2 weeks after that.
We did family photos and I got two pregnancy photos.

Almost a year ago to the day.
It's pretty crazy how much our lives have changed.
Our baby is using her feet to walk instead of digging her heels into my ribs.
We have moved twice.
We graduated.
We have a two bedroom apartment that we actually need.
My to-do list in life has changed.
It's no longer schoolwork and hospital bags.
This year it's full of grocery shopping and emails to write,
and I'm guessing next year it will reflect the changes that happen in the next year.

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