Monday, November 11, 2013

Calvin and Hobbes

I don't know if you all remember our living room from way back when.
But there was a big blank wall across from the photo wall.

Completely blank.

I kept bouncing ideas off Matt about what to do about it.
He hated all of them.
Like I thought a huge mirror would be cool and it would bring light in.
But he shot down calling that it would fall and kill our Tiny.

Then one Sunday, he said, lets paint something on a canvas.

Something abstracts since we both can't draw.
Then we were talking about colors...
and again we couldn't decide.

Matt and I then started to discuss things that we actually like.
Movies, quotes, music, books, comics.

A comic?
Black and white goes with everything,
and both of our childhoods were shaped by our love of Calvin and Hobbes.

So we got started.

We found canvases on sale,
and I eye balled which canvas I thought was closest to scale.
(I was pretty dead on too!)
Then armed with a few sharpies,
we got to work.

Here is a picture of our living room now.
(I changed up the shape of the photo wall too. I like so much better now.)

So right across from the photo wall is our comic strip.

And last and not least, here is a close up of our cold baby.

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