Thursday, December 26, 2013

1 year

Day 26 of the photo challenge is "gift." 

Now she's not quite as tiny but it's mind-boggling how different she is.
When she was first born, she didn't do much.
She was actually quite boring.
Now she's anything but.

She's 19.3 lbs

This month she's learned how to...

Get out of her chair
Play on her own
Identify facial features
Copy sounds
Throw and push a ball
Sit at a table
Drink from a straw

She now brings books up to us and makes "rawwwr" sounds until we start reading to her.
She tackles us and removes every cord from our computers or lamps.
She pokes our eyes and mouths and makes random sounds.

She says "duck".
It's her only word.
We put a lot of effort into that. Every time she had a bath, we made a big fuss about her green rubber duck. And now, every time she sees the duck, she gets super excited and sings, "Duck, duck, duck, duck" over and over again. We still have to iron out a few kinks. She thinks that all small green objects are ducks. She also thinks that all non-human animals are ducks (with the exception of dogs; that might be her second word.) And sometimes when she feels like it, she just lets a few "duck"s out for no reason. I guess it must feel very liberating when babies begin picking up language. Madeleine's grown up listening to us chattering away, and now it's her turn! Now, if she can just learn "mama" or "dada" or "I'm about to blow out so please quarantine me", I think we'll be in business.

That said, she still does babble "mama" and "dada" a lot, but she doesn't seem to confine it to one particular parent or object (exception: when she is terribly upset, she cries "mumum" pathetically until Michele comes).

Even though Tiny isn't so big on the whole word thing, she has no issue with communicating.
When she's hungry, she kneels on the kitchen floor and "yumms".
When she's tired, she grabs her blanket and rubs it against her face.
She points.
She brings us books.
She pats us when she wants our attention.
She gives hugs and kisses.
It's so cute and I love knowing what she wants...
until she gets impatient and screams.

She loves stuffed animals and pictures of herself.
She thinks she is awesome.
She walks around the house with her mirror and kisses herself until she can't see her reflects thanks to the drool.
There is this one photo right above the couch that she likes to grab too.
She sits there and takes it down and points over and over and over at her eyes and mouth.

She still loves bathes, cookies, and the color green.
She loves anything that makes noise especially bells.
We have several different types of musical instruments for her
so we often wake up to the sound of her hitting her drum or shaking her maraca.
Her favorite ornament was the jiggle bells we had on the tree.

She's down to one nap that we are trying to move to the afternoon.
She moving pretty much all the time now.
Going room to room.
But she always comes back looking for us with a huge smile on her face.

I'm so happy that she is in our family.
She's such a joy.
We had an amazing day together as a family celebrating her birthday.

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