Saturday, November 9, 2013

Madeleine's Toddler Room

When we moved here, Madeleine just learned to crawl.
(Like the day before we moved in.)
She wasn't super mobile, and her room was more for us than for her.
Now that she is so mobile and has her mouth on everything,
we figured it was time to make her room designed for her.

So this is our Montessori inspired room for Madeleine.

Here is what it looks like from the hall.
The Montessori method is a form of childhood education.
It's very focused on letting the child have freedom.
So instead of having just a crib as her space,
the whole room becomes her crib.
Hence the baby gate at her door.

She has a table and chairs to eat and play at.

And her bed is on the ground so that she can get off it herself and play.
I love it.

She's been playing in there alone for 20 minute at time,
and when she feels like checking in with us, 
she just crawls up to the gate and lets us know.

All of her toys are on these two shelves so that she can see them

I put the hamper in front of her trash can so she can't pull everything out.
For some reason she ignores the hamper....for now at least.

Her dresser is baby proof. 
And she has her little rocking chair with blankets on it.
When she gets tired, she has been pulling off the top on and cuddles with it
until we stick her in her bed.

The major concern we had was if she was actually going to sleep in her bed.

She did.
And even though she still wakes up 3+ times a night,
she only got out of her bed once.

We still have a few small things that I'd like to add,
but I love her room.
We've been hanging out in it all the time,
and Matt likes the option of sleeping next to her again.

By the way the whole thing only cost us 50 ish dollars.
The table and chairs were from IKEA for $20
and the little shelves (they are only a foot high) were $13 each at Walmart.

(PS. I have a giveway for one of those little bunny things if you want to enter.)


  1. Excellent Set up! Definitely an option to consider when doing the toddler set up! Now...if only I lived close to an Ikea....

  2. Looks great! I love how it turned out. Maybe I should not have just ordered Brooklyn a crib...