Monday, December 9, 2013

Box activity and Day 9

I try really hard to do an activity a day with Tiny.
It doesn't have to be anything complicated.
Just something that I do with her that is a bit different than playing with her toys.
Like painting.

Usually I brainstorm while she is napping.

Today I saw this brilliant "toy".

You put toys in the box, cut some holes, and tape it up.

So easy and we just got an amazon box that worked perfectly.
I made a square and round hole.
The round objects couldn't come out of the square hole.
I put an onion, orange, and a ribbon spool in that was round.
And then some of her cars, spoons, bells, and dolls in that could come out of the square hole.

I made a few mistakes.
The onion was really heavy for her, and she couldn't lift it out of the box.
I also forgot to leave enough space for her hand for a few of the objects.
But those are easy fixes.
Next time, I just need to remember not too big and not too heavy. 

She was pretty thrilled.
All around it was a success.
Best part is I can use the box again and just stick different things in it.

Unintentionally there was also this little curls of cardboard on the top.
She also had a blast peeling these off. 

After that we had snack,
which is what Day 9 photo is.

I've been giving her bananas that have a small cut on the side peel.
She peels off the peel most of the time by herself.
The reason of the time she just pokes the banana out and eats it.

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