Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 4

Day 4 - Winter Beauty.

This one really irritated me.
You know why?
Winter doesn't start until the 21st and here in New Jersey we are still experiencing wonderful fall weather.
It's been in the 50's everyday this week, so I'm in no rush for Winter to blow in.

So that's our picture for yesterday.
We have this huge berry bush right outside Madeleine's bedroom window.
I figured it looked pretty festive.

And here is Madeleine waiting by the door.

And who shows up?

So much happiness.
Tiny has started crying whenever he leaves.
She really loves her dad.

And one last photo.
I love this outfit,
and Matt loves this pose.
She lately has been randomly tilting her head to the side.
The funny thing is it's only to the one side
and it's always accompanied with a smile.

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