Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Bedroom Days 27-29

Day 27 - Favorite Holiday Food

I know that hot chocolate isn't a food,
but since moving here I've been informed multiple times that hot chocolate is just a seasonal thing.
Our food storage now consist of hot chocolate and mashed potatoes.

Day 28 - "Baby it's cold outside"

After growing up in Florida for 8 years...
I only wear socks when it's really cold outside.
Honestly though, we've been having pretty wonderful weather here in NJ.

Day 29 - Warmth

For some reason this made me think of our room.
So I'm going to give you a tour.

(Despite the fact we have a huge tv...we rarely use it. Maybe once a month?)

Matt and I purposely picked the room with the smaller closet.

Our "Evil Lair" sign.

Basically we decided anything that wasn't baby proof went into our bedroom.
So the TV and the bookshelves ended up in here.
I actually kind of like how crowded it is.
It has a pretty cozy feel to it compared to the openness of the rest of the house.
It also happens to be one of the warmer rooms in the apartment too.

(If you want to see our first master bedroom click here.)

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