Friday, December 20, 2013

Days 16-20

Day 16 - Decorations

A garland that I made for our failed Christmas cards.
I really should write a blog post on that.
It was so funny...after the fact.

Day 17 - Lunch

Lunch is such a process.
It's Tiny's and mine biggest meal of the day.

First, she sits on the stool in the kitchen while I scarf down my food.
If she doesn't have anything to munch on, she sits there and "yumms" until I give her food.
If I don't feel like sharing...she screams.
Lately I've been trying to deter her with other foods in the kitchen.

Then she eats.
First I try to get her to use her own spoon and fork with real food.
That quickly leads to just using her fingers.
After all the real food is eaten, I give her a bit of baby food,
just so she can practice spooning it into her mouth.
(See here. Though she's way better at it now.) 

We are also working on using a cup.
As long as there is only a teaspoon of water in there, she'll drink from the cup.
Any more than that though and it ends up all over the room.

And then we clean up.
Feeding her only takes about 10 minutes.
Lunch takes over an hour though, because she really doesn't like letting me eat.

Day 18 - Goal of the Day

Mail out Christmas cards!

Day 19 - Dinner

Thai Curry noodles
We basically eat it all the time.

Day 20 - Workout

We went grocery shopping and finished up Christmas shopping today.
It took hours.
So frustrating.
On the upside, it's all done!
Totally was a workout.
Have you ever tried carrying two weeks of groceries and a baby?
Hard work right there.

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