Monday, November 4, 2013


I love Princeton.
Just wanted to say that.
It's beautiful.

I love all the random stores and buildings too.
One of my favorites is this little organic grocery store.
Everything is so expensive...but they have some great deals.
Like if you ride your bike, you get a dollar off every $15 you spend.
If you bring your own bag, they take off 10 cents for each on they use.
But my favorite part is their "soup" and "smoothie" bins.

All the bruised or over ripe fruit go in these little baskets and only cost 
65 cents a pound!!!!
What a deal!

 And while I'm not really into the whole organic thing...
their tomatoes taste amazing.
So I've been stopping by quite frequently.
Today I picked up a lot of apples and pears.

I was talking on the phone when I walked in the door and just set my bag of groceries on the floor.
I forgot about them,
but my hungry little monster didn't.
She picked an apple and tried to eat it.
Her little teeth couldn't get very far,
so she tried the pear next.

Yum! Progress!

 Aww she's so proud of herself.

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