Friday, November 15, 2013

Park and Giveaway Winner!

Our Tiny loves trucks and trains.
There is this wonderful park a few miles from us
that has a big sand pit with tons of old trucks that people left.

It's a wonderful park.
It has a beautiful path with trees and meadows.
It was originally part of Moses Pyne's property.
He's a Princeton Alumni who had a strong impact on Princeton.
His mansion is actually the governor's house now, but this park was donated to the city.
Back in the day, he would let students wander through this park to clear their heads.

Funny enough, I always seem to run into at least one other Post-Doc or Grad student's wife.
We all seem to gravitate to it.

By the way, the winner of the giveaway was Rebecca! :) 
Thanks for those who left comments. 
It was encouraging, so maybe I'll do another sometime.

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