Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11 Months

11 months!
She'll be 1 next month!
How crazy is that?
(I'm so excited that her birthday is next month.)

She's 18 lbs and 28 inches long.

She loves toys now.
She plays with them and squeals when she sees them.
Cars, dolls, boxes with things she can dump out, just to name a few.
Starting this week anything that makes noise.
Her favorite noise makers are the jingle bells we got from the dollar store.

She lets me know when she's hungry too.
She'll go in the kitchen and start "mmm"ing.
We found out that this month that she is allergic to mangos.
She also LOVES cows milk.
She went on a formula strike, so Matt gave her milk.
She gobbled it up.
We're not going to switch her quite yet, but at least we know she loves it.

She gives "kisses" now.
They are really painful.
She bites my cheek and 
when I say "ow" (it really hurts! 6 little teeth!),
she starts crying.

Her hugs are much better.
When she hasn't seen me for a while and I pick her up,
she throws her arms around me, puts her head on my shoulder,
and hugs me as tight as she can with her arms and legs.
Usually she has a big grin on her face or is laughing.

Speaking of laughing,
she actually laughs now.
It's about time.

 This is probably the last month of crawling.
My heart is breaking a bit at the thought of that.
I love her crawling.
She follows me around and then peeps her head 
around the corner when she catches up.
 If she sees, me she stops and smiles,
before dragging her little body around the corner and comes at me at "full" speed.
It's so adorable and in the last 5 months, I still haven't quite had enough of that.

She took her first steps at the beginning of the month in the Princeton library.
It was right before story time and she couldn't quite reach the plastic green dogs they have there.
She gave me this horrified look when she realized what she had done (walking),
 before crawling the last 2 inches to the dog.
The last 4-5 days she has really started working on walking.
She is now up to 4 steps.

People love her.
She waves hi and bye with a huge smile.
Yesterday after waiting for 2 hours to see her ENT,
the waiting room clapped when our named got called.
They were shocked that such a little baby could be so happy and good for that long of a wait.
Same thing happened at Costco when we had to wait 4 hours for our tires
She made friends with the employees and many of the customers.
We knew about so many people's grandchildren and where mother's bought their kids clothes.

She's so cute.
I still think of her as a baby, but pretty soon she's going to be a toddler.
It's crazy that it's almost been a year and I'm so grateful that I get to spend this Thanksgiving with her.
Last year I basically spent the holidays cursing the fact I was pregnant.
Now I get to spend my days trying to teach my baby how to say "duck."
I guess she gives us a lot to be grateful for.

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