Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I've been on a toy kick on pinterest.
With Halloween over, Madeleine's 1st birthday and Christmas are coming up.
I'm not a big fan of a whole bunch of toys around the house that she doesn't like.
So I figured I'd shop around.
I found so many I love from Europe.
Like this little bunny.

Handmade Bunny from Youttle

Unfortunately, shipping from Europe is a bit more expensive.
So I decided to make one of my own bunnies. 

I made a few changes. But I think I did a pretty good job.

I actually loved making it.
It was so much fun piecing it together.
And then the actual hand sewing was wonderful too.
I love my sewing machine, but it is a very different experience than by doing it by hand.

So because my baby doesn't need two...
I'm giving one away to whoever wants it.
I'll even mail it to you.
(Well as long as I can send it with normal flat rate shipping)

Usually on blogs, the blogger has some type of requirement to enter.
Here's mine.

Leave a comment telling me what toys you think are cool for Tiny Creatures 
or a fun DIY craft.

I'll have Matt find me a good random number generator,
and I'll select a winner next week.


  1. I love making hair bow for my little one. It is so much cheaper than buying them and you can make the to match every outfit :) PS your bunny is adorable !

  2. We're doing a homemade Christmas for our little girl this year, and a few of the things I'm making are a stuffed kitten, oliblocks, plush dinosaur, and a felt horse. So far I only have the horse done, but it's really cool! At least I think it is... :) Here is a link to my "Homemade Toys" board on pinterest, if you're interested in some more ideas. http://www.pinterest.com/krisp88/homemade-toys/

  3. Love this! It turned out great. My most recent DIY project is a quiet activity book for Brooklyn to use during church. I am still in the gathering ideas phase. ha Also for christmas I have been looking for small toys she can play with and i found a wooden jingle bell in the $1 bin at target. Score!