Monday, April 1, 2013

Taco Bell and Nutella Caramel


Matt and I walked by our Taco Bell on the way home from the grocery store.
I saw this poster and a myriad of questions popped into my mind.

First, is it really a collection if there are only 2 items in the collection?
"All two"? There is this great word in English - "both".
And lastly, how to do you collect tacos?
"Dude, look at my taco collection that I'm about to eat!"
(Matt says since they are from Taco Bell, they might actually be perfectly preserve.)

The above is my last cooking disaster. 

I made yummy yellow cake the other day 
and was planning on making nutella whipped cream to go on top.
I found a recipe and thought I was ready to go. 
I started making it, but quickly noticed that the frozen cream I used
was not going to work.
It was such a mess. 
It looked like cottage cheese in chocolate milk.

I showed Matt when he got home,
and since he is a guy and really hates things going to waste, 
he decided to fix it.

He heated it.
He add things to it.
And by the end of it...

we had nutella caramel.

We have no clue what to do with it.
So any ideas?


  1. Freeze and then cut into little squares and wrap in waxed paper. Keep in the freezer until you eat them. Call them caramels.

  2. I need to blog about the time that I tried to make pudding, but it wound up like your frosting up there. And then Andrew did weird stuff to it (and he's not even a chemist like Matt!) and it was alright by the end. No idea how that happened. But thanks for the laugh. :)