Sunday, March 31, 2013


Southern Belle Rule #167 - Easter is always celebrated with a new dress.

My mom has been buying me Easter dresses since I was born. 
This year didn't change that.
She still got me a new dress to wear to church on Easter.

I was all excited about buying Baby a new dress, too.
I found such a cute one and was so excited to continue this tradition with my baby.
But then I forgot to grab it, before we left for my parents house.

I was so upset, but when we got to my parents' house,
my mom reminded me that she has years of my Easter dresses down in the basement.
I picked out Mollie's first Easter dress for her to wear.
I think it looks pretty, and Madeleine apparently thinks its the best thing ever to stick in her mouth.
She's been chewing on that lace all day.
We found this tradition on Pinterest, and we are excited for it.
"Easter tradition...your kids plant jelly beans, and when they wake up in the morning, lollipops have "grown" where the jelly beans were planted. Such a cute idea!"

 What traditions are you excited to share/shared with your kid?
Do you have any Easter traditions?
(Matt and I had a very long discussion about Easter traditions the other night.
We didn't really come up with any other than a new dress and egg hunting when they are older.)


  1. If that dress were bigger, I'd probably steal it from your baby. I think it's adorable.

    And I'll have to show you my new Easter dress. I didn't get to wear it to Church yet, since I got a cold today, but I did get a new dress!

    PS. I love the mug! More on that later.

  2. There was always a letter from the Easter Bunny with our Easter baskets, talking about the true meaning of Easter. Of course, I stopped believing in the Easter Bunny the year I recognized my dad's handwriting on the letter (I was maybe eight or nine), so be careful if you go that route. :)