Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How I did not fail as a mom

Baby is not the worst sleeper, but she isn't the best either.

When she sleeps with us...we get 9 + hours. Easily. 
She cuddles right in between us so cutely with her loud baby snores.
Whenever she whimpers, one of us just has to put our arm around her.
And she's back happily snoring away.

When she sleeps in her crib...we get usually 7 hours of sleep.
The only problem is she won't get to bed until midnight.
A little late for a tiny, wee one.

I was letting it slide.
"She's tiny. It can't matter too much." 
At least, that's what I kept telling myself
But the more reading I did, the less rationalization I could muster.
Tonight though, we started her bedtime routine at 8.
We kissed her goodnight and said "I love you".
Right before I shut the door,
she gave me this big smile and coo, 
which made me feel like the worst mother ever. 
(btw, we tried this last night, and we both caved. She just looked to cute.)

I sat outside our bedroom door.
The whimpering started, and then a cry.
(I'm allergic to her cries. After about 2 minutes of her crying, I'm on the verge of crying too.)
I ran in, patted her on the back, and gave her baby dino.
Then waited again.

This time no sound came from her.
I thought I killed her.
Turns out though, she was just curled up next to her baby dino.
Sound asleep just two minutes after I checked on her.
I didn't fail her, and neither did her dino.

I'm doubting she'll sleep for the night.
But hey, at least she was asleep at 9. 

Southern Belle Rule #101 - A smart girl sleeps all her troubles away.

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  1. Wow, that's adorable. I'm glad that she found comfort and solace in her baby dino. Every girl needs her stuffed creature companion to be by her side. I still sleep with my teddy bear. Andrew is very kind and allows this. :)

    And Michele, you and Matt are pretty great parents. I'm pretty sure you won't kill off offspring.