Saturday, April 6, 2013

TRADITIONS!!! (for conference)

This year my goal was to start traditions. With tiny offspring now in existence, I figured we needed to actually start getting our traditions started. We tackled Valentine's Day and Easter, and this week we started a few conference traditions.

We started the weekend with Matt's mission reunion. Matt had been avoiding going since we got married, but since it was at his mission president's home, we decided to go.

After that, we dropped Baby off at my parents' home, so Matt and I could go on a date. We grabbed some food and talked about all the events coming up in our lives. On the drive home, we discussed what questions we wanted to ask God. According to our prophet, if you have questions in your heart, they will be answered during conference. It has worked so far for us, so I told Matt mine and he told me his, so we could help listen for possible answers for each other. 

Then we got home we googled "conference traditions". Matt and I needed some. While we are really good about having conference on for all 4 sessions, I think we have slept through at least half of conference since we've been dating.

So we picked out an easy but awesome breakfast.

eggs cooked in ham in a cupcake pan. 
so easy, but really yummy (even when the ham burns a little, apparently was Matt's favorite part)

We also had snack jars. Every time one of the words on the jar were said we got to eat on of whatever is in the jar. Matt's favorite was "sin/temptation" which are flaming hot cheetos. I thought it was even more appropriate since it makes our fingers "like scarlet". 
It worked like a gem. Matt and I stayed awake and alert the whole time. 
A small miracle after how much sleep I got last night.
(and we are totally going to have to pick less frequent words when our kid can eat solid foods)

And now in between conference sessions, we finally took our naps (as you can tell, tiny creature isn't so good at this tradition yet.) 

Do you have any conference tricks of staying awake? How about traditions? 

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  1. I take notes during conference. I just keep my pen handy and start scribbling away- sometimes too much. :) My family often does a conference Bingo with the kids so that they pay more attention. Sometimes we older kids will sneak in so we can get the prizes. Haha.

    I love the jar idea. I think that I shall steal it!