Monday, April 15, 2013

A Post about a Happier Day

Today we didn't do anything exciting. I was glued to the internet waiting for updates about what happened in Boston. Poor baby was a bit confused why we stayed indoors all day, but when Matt came home, he took her on a walk. (We are trying to get her used to the sun.) So life returned to normal for our tiny human, but all the same, today was not good for blogging.

But we had few great days last week that definitively deserve a blog post.

One was last Thursday. To help Baby get on a "normal" sleep scheduled, the internet suggested taking her on a walk right after she woke up. That way she can see the sun and think "Hey! It's daytime!" (It seems to be working by the way.)

I had mentioned this advice to Matt the night before, but when we woke up, the sun was not out. It was really gloomy day and had rained the night before. We were still determined to take her out. So we grabbed a towel and headed over to Wyview, where I lived my freshman year at BYU.

Baby was still pretty sleepy-looking when we arrived.

First, Matt helped her up the rock thingies.

where we found a cryptic message at the top.

We then wrapped her all up in a towel before putting her down the slide.

But then Matt walked all over the slide...

So then I went down the slide with her.
Keeping her jeans clean>keeping my jeans clean apparently. 

Right before we left, we tried to take a family photo...
I think we need a bit more work on taking these.

It was a lot of fun family event and was a nostalgic place for me.
It was neat playing with my baby just days before I graduate at BYU at the same place where I played as a new Freshman at BYU.  

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  1. That is an awesome family photo. Congratulations. And congratulations on graduating, having a wonderful little family, and moving on to other great adventures!