Sunday, April 21, 2013

Collage of our week

The Nielsen household has been very busy.

We are moving to Logan in 8 days and Princeton in 2 months!!!

It's kind of crazy packing, because somethings we'll need in Logan, but a lot of it we won't need until we move to Princeton. Also, there is a long list of things we had/have to do before we lots of doctor appointments, finals, graduating, dentist, getting my hair cut, packing etc., so hence the lack of blog post in the last week.

So instead, here is a collage stuff from the last week.

Highlight: As we (our friends Janelle and Josie came with us) were walking there, some runner asked what the baby contest was for.
We looked at her really confused.
She said there was a really long line of babies over there (right in front of this market)
I told her that I was pretty sure there was no baby contest, just a lot of Provo moms with nothing else to do.

This is from Sammy's. It is a cupcake milkshake. They grind up cupcakes and put them in!
These are like the perfect dessert for indecisive people. 
No longer do I have to choose between a cupcake or a milkshake!
I can just have both!

(Notice on the wall behind it, it says "Michelle 'Meesh'" 
I thought that was funny since my sister calls me "Meesh")

Madeleine thinks she's allergic to the sun. She pulled her burp cloth over her face to shield her from the evil sun.

Baby spent a lot of time exercising (aka tummy time) this week,
so I could pack. 

 And sleeping...

And when that got old, she talked to her new friend.

Matt and I finished off our first 50lb bag of bread flour too.

Which might now be her first food. 
(Does flour count as food?)

We also went to Baby Story time again at the library.

And stopped in for the first few minutes of Spanish story time,
so that she could play with the maracas.

Finally, I got my haircut on Friday by my friend Caitlyn at Relik Salon in American Fork.
Matt's asleep so I don't have a picture of it, 
but Baby looked pretty snazzy.
As you noticed, we found a solution to our sun problem. 
(And yes, the glasses have a clear glittery crown on top.)

When I got home, I realized my hair kind of resembled this celebrity.

I'll put a picture up soon! :)

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