Thursday, May 2, 2013


We did it!!!
We are done!

So how was graduation?
Really, really boring.

The graduation ceremony wasn't that big of a deal.
They just read off a lot of names.

The Phd part lasted for-ev-er.
One guy had every single paper he published and what they were about, read.
The Masters part was nice and short.
Then the Bachelors were read.
Chemistry was the 1st major to walk,
(I walked with Matt), so we didn't have to wait too long. 
This is what I was thinking about while waiting in line to walk.

We could have only wished the speakers were that short.

After it was over, we got to celebrate with the Chemistry department!

Here is us with Tyson. Madeleine is quite taken with him.
(He's going to be a Doctor.)

We took a few pictures. Baby really loved my nails.

BYU colors. :)

After that we went to lunch, said good-bye to our families, and went home and napped.
Then packed.

It was pretty uneventful for such a big day,
but I'm really proud of us for graduating.
I'm really grateful for the chance I had to go to college.
I'm happy I ran into Matt again, and we got married and had a cute kid.
I'm excited about moving to Princeton in a few months.

I just really can't believe it's over.

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  1. Enter... Stage 2... "Motherhood" dun... dun... dun... But! youve entered it with a will and energy! SO Proud of you!!! (and i'm going to miss you so much! *tear*)