Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our tiny human

Being a mom of a toddler is awesome stuff. Even though "no" is her most frequent world, she is so much fun to watch. For example, tonight she started crying in the bathtub. I looked up to see what was upsetting her. She always has to put her bath toys away before I let her out of the bath.  Apparently she was ready for me to take her out, because she had put all her toys in the basket. One problem - the basket was underwater so the toys kept floating off, which is why she was crying.

She also has started copying us a lot. Matt had to fix my bike tire this weekend because I got a flat. He had all his tools out and was working on it while I sat on the porch talking. Madeleine played in the front running around with the bike pump and taking out Matt's tools. When Matt was ready to put stuff away, we found Madeleine "fixing" her bike. It took her about 10 minutes before she decided it was good to go. 

Then this afternoon I was sitting on my bed on my computer, when I noticed that Madeleine was running in and out of my room with spools of thread in both hands. (I keep all my sewing notions in our room well...in theory). After the third trip of this, I followed her out to see what the heck she was doing with it. I found her lining them all up in front of my sewing machine...each with two or three pins sticking out of them. She then tried to figure out how to turn the machine on and why the thread was important. After she picked up the scissors, I decided it was time for bed.

I think it's so cute that she's imitating us. Matt fixing the bike and I've been ignoring her a bit more so that I can sew. I just finished my quilt top and basting last night. I'm so excited to start quilting it as soon as I finish this blog post.

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