Sunday, November 2, 2014


I seriously love Halloween. We had a really fun day, so here are a few photos from it.

I usually make cupcakes for Halloween, but with the small people being, well, normal small people, I thought that was a bit too ambitious. Instead, we got a dozen of donuts and picked out some costumes for them at Party City. Their eyes were just little white m&ms with black frosting. Madeleine loved picking out the different costumes. My favorite were the funny glasses. We then walked up to campus in costumes to drop them off to Matt's lab. 

Fast forward to after nap time, all the kids in the neighborhood got dressed up and played outside. It was so cute watching King Author take on Spider man and a tiny jedi fairy. My friend Rachel and I took photos of Madeleine and her little best friend. They are so silly.

They kept making each other giggle (and us) so we could not get too many photos with them looking the right way. Half way through they started playing peek-a-boo. It was just too much cuteness.

Beatrice was a cute little butterfly, and Madeleine just got a "new" princess dress from Gamma. Madeleine didn't really care about it, but Beatrice loved it. :) It was Mollie's fairy princess dress that my mom made when Mollie was a little younger than Madeleine. 

After that we went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with some friends from church. It was wonderful and Madeleine quickly caught on to the whole thing. She would walk up all by herself and knock on the door. At the beginning she would give the candy right back to me, but eventually she started keeping it for herself. Our neighborhood is seriously the perfect place to trick-or-treat and we had so much fun with the other students. The best thing Madeleine got was a llama cookie cutter.

We switched back to the dragon cape when she got cold. Then we went home and got some spicy wings before curling up in bed and watching Merlin. (We aren't sure if we like it.)

Anyway, Happy Halloween!


  1. Hallowe'en is so much fun! Glad you enjoyed the day.