Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Recipe: Black pepper sandwich

Madeleine and I have been battling it out with food. She has started refusing about 80% of the food we give her, although she is never consistent and will usually eat most things at some point. Apparently, she isn't a picky eater, just a snooty eater, so I've started offering her vegetables for breakfast, which, more often then not, she will actually eat. It's an ongoing battle, like today all she wanted was "babple" (apple). She ate four of them, core and all. (And left the peels and seeds in little chunks all over the neighborhood.)

Yesterday, she woke up from nap hungry. I didn't have any food ready for her that she'd eat, so I started making a grilled cheese sandwich. Baby X started crying soon after I popped it in the pan, so I ran to the other room while Madeleine sat on the floor sobbing that I hadn't given her food. It turned out that Baby X desperately needed a diaper change. I went in the other room to change him. Meanwhile, the sobbing in the kitchen stopped. 

When I walked back in, I found Madeleine on her stool with a piece of bread pounding the black pepper shaker into the bread. Unbeknownst to me, I was witnessing her make her first original recipe.

So without an further is the recipe of the "Black Pepper Sandwich"

Black pepper (grinder)
A piece of bread

1. Put bread in front of you. Without removing the cap on the pepper, pound the piece of bread.

2. When the cap has popped off and the bread is starting to fall apart, start shaking and grinding the pepper. Continue until desired flavor is reached.

3. Carefully scoop bread into a bowl. Add a spoon.

4. Enjoy. Add more pepper as needed.

Apparently it was really good. She ate the whole thing and cried when Baby X tried to swipe a bit. She wouldn't even touch the grilled cheese sandwich.

Toddlers. They are weird.

And maybe I'm a bit weird too, because the whole time I was watching this I was thinking about this part of Alice in Wonderland.

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