Thursday, October 23, 2014


The last week has been a frustrating one for me. My little people are getting smarter and in more trouble. It's ranged from popping in the bathtub to coloring in library books (on the color wheel of all things). And during all of this, I decided that it was a good time to make Madeleine's Halloween costume. But now her costume is done, (it was supposed to be an hour project), and I can turn back to some of the more important things in my life, like cupcakes.

So almost a week ago, we went to the re-opening of House of Cupcakes!
We got there 10 minutes early and I was a bit surprised there was no line at the door. Turns out they had just opened up and there was already a group of people inside. The previous store would have been full from the number of people that was there, but in this new place there was plenty of space! I was really happy about that, because that was one of the things I disliked about the last store...there was no room.

We ordered my favorite cupcake - fudge truffle for Madeleine and me to split.

I snapped a quick picture before cutting it in half. Baby X took advantage of that moment and swiped a bit of Madeleine's frosting. He was so proud of himself, but then frosting ended up on his forehead instead of his mouth. Ah, the advantages of having good hand eye coordination.

After I finished up my half and was waiting on Madeleine, a reporter came up to me and started to talk to me about the cupcakes. Madeleine finished up her half while I was talking to the reporter, and then tried to get my attention. I personally wanted to clean up Madeleine's chocolate covered hands before she wiped them all over me, (Too late, cupcake ended up all over the front of my shirt) but the lady didn't take a hint. So Madeleine being the little independent toddler that she is, grabbed her plate and pushed through the crowed to the counter. She stood on her tip toes and pushed her plate onto the counter, "More. More."

Everyone froze and looked at me. I was full out laughing. It was too cute, and I told them that half of cupcake was plenty for her.

And go figure...that's the part that made it into the article.

""With remnants of the dark chocolate cake and frosting still clinging to her face, Nielsen’s daughter brought her empty plate over to the bakery’s counter after she was finished, hoping to try some more.
“She’s 21 months old, and that’s not stopping her from asking for seconds,” Nielsen said."
She did get seconds later that night. After we picked up Matt, we swung by for a second cupcake. 

And you know...we might have a lunch date there today too.

What can I say? Their chocolate cake rocks.

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