Friday, July 19, 2013

The Shore

Some of the moms from church organized a trip to the beach this week.
I was not planning on going, since money is really tight this month, but then I saw the weather report.

Partly Cloudy
Mostly Clear
Partly Cloudy
Mostly Clear
Past 24-hr Precip:
0 in
Chance of Rain

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year.
"With the humidity, it will feel like over 100".
I looked at our window AC
and changed my mind.

Best decision ever.

I have a confession.
Although some of the best memories of my life are hanging out on California beaches, 
Atlantic Ocean > Pacific Ocean.
I was really excited to play in the Atlantic.

I started 2nd guessing myself on my way there, 
when I got lost 4 times while Madeleine cried in the backseat.

But when I got there...
it did not disappoint.

We showed up at 9:30 at the Shore.
The wind was blowing and the sun was shining.
Perfect beach weather.
The little report by the beach announced that the water was the sweet temperature of 72*.
Madeleine and I slathered up in sunblock before running down to the beach.
(Quite a feat with 2 bags and a baby)

And then we played.

Madeleine loved it.

She splashed.

We watched boats.

We dug our toes in the sand.

She even taste tested the sand.

And the salt water...(she didn't like that much)

After an hour (when everyone else showed up), she started getting tired.

So she sunbathed.

She has a slight tan now.
I'm burned.
I was so excited to get down to the beach that I didn't wait for my sunblock to dry completely.
It looks so blotchy. 
White hand prints next to really red.

I love the beach.
Smelling it.
Splashing, watching kids play in it.
Old people walk on it.
Boys surfing.

It was a happy place.

On the way home, I saw this place.

They sell happiness. I'm pretty sure they gathered it from the beach.


  1. Just so you know (though I'm sure you already know): you have the cutest blog ever, Michele <3
    Miss you and will probably contact you in a week or so. You're awesome