Friday, July 26, 2013

7 months

Tiny is 7 months today.

If it wasn't for everyone asking me how old she is, I would have forgotten that she is a month older.
That alone is proof that I'm becoming more used to this mom thing.
I didn't take any "official" 7 month photos because of that.
Thankfully I had these photos on hand from when I was practicing with my camera a few days ago.
The lighting is slightly funky because of that, but I think these photos really captures her personality, because I wasn't even trying to get her to cooperate.

This month she not only did she learn to crawl, but stand up and even climb a bit.

Bulldog baby

She finally doubled her birth weight and is coming in around 15lb 4 oz ish.
She's still perfectly healthy and completely kissable.

She loves to move now.
Matt and I crack up, because she even sits up in her sleep.
Swaying side to side crying in the middle of the night.
She looks like a little drunk sailor. 

I don't know what this face is, but I love it

She follows us around the house too.
If I leave the room, a minute or two later I'll see this little face peeking around the corning.
Smiling and looking for me.

When she is tired and we are busy,
she follows us crawling and sobbing. Every 2 or 3 feet, she gives up in heartbroken desperation and just flops face down to the ground. She'll stay there for a few seconds before she finds the willpower to go a few more feet.

It is so pathetically cute, even if it makes us feel like bad parents.
(But not so bad that we don't laugh as we pick her up)


She loves to "dance" with me around the house.
We play outside with the neighborhood kids every day.
She is starting to learn how to interact with other babies.

But most of the time, she would really rather just chew on things.
Unfortunately, with other kids around it usually belongs to someone else.

The next three photos after this had me laughing. She has so much attitude.

 She laughs at Matt when he blows raspberries.
She never really figured out the giggling thing.
It is so cute.
They are still buddies.
They like to go running, nap, and read together.
We often wait outside for Matt to come home,
and she seems legitimately happy to see him.

While she obviously has some attachment to us,
she still doesn't mind meeting new people.
She "waves" hi sometimes so people are always talking to us on the streets.
I make so many friends where ever I go because of her.

Telling me some epic tale

Every day she is getting be a bit more fun.
I love playing "caption this" with Matt at the end of the day when we look through the photos.
She brings so many giggles and smiles to our home.

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