Monday, July 29, 2013


Last week Madeleine and I took a wonderful walk around Princeton. The weather was beautiful! It slightly cloudy and the temperature was in the low 80s. We looked at the shops and their old fashioned window displays. We went to our small farmer's market where I got to try ginger limeade. It was sweet, tangy, with just the right amount of spice from the ginger. Needless to say I was sold. Madeleine just chilled out in the stroller sucking on the fresh lemon.

On our way to a large used furniture store (BEST STORE EVER!!!!),
we ran into one of our friends here in the complex!
Her name is Selvy.
She's 1.

Cutie, eh?

And she was hanging out with her sweet nanny.
(Who I'm blanking on her name even though she's our neighbor.)

They were heading over to this cool water pool on Princeton campus.
So off we went, the four of us, chatting away.

We spread out our blanket and watched the babies wander around.
A few minutes after we arrived, a large group of 40 students from China walked by.
They were taking a tour of Princeton,
and they didn't speak almost any English.

They saw the babies and started pointing and talking at them!
Next thing I know all these people surrounded the babies and started taking pictures!
Selvy immediately decided she didn't like it, but Madeleine wasn't fazed.
She used to a camera being shoved in her face.

She cooed at them. Smiled at them.
They were smitten, especially this one guy.
After everyone had left, he sat and kept playing and taking photos of her.

 He had a big bag of treats that he just bought at Wawa's.
Madeleine attacked it.

When his group moved on, she still hadn't let go of her prize.
He asked me if it was okay to for her to keep it in his broken English.
I smiled and said sure.

Madeleine with her prize

Soon after Selvy had to go take a nap.
We walked up to Matt's lab so that Madeleine could give him her present.
I don't think it was on accident that she picked the Cheetos.
Come on, there was peanut M&Ms in there too.
I think Matt trained her to grab the chips, since Flaming Hot Cheetos are his favorite and he is currently not allowed to buy them.

I would have loved to seen all the photos they took.
I wish you could google search a face on the internet.
That would be pretty cool.

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