Tuesday, July 23, 2013


A week ago or so Madeleine's cousins stopped on by on the way to DC. They were only here for a bit, but we really like seeing them. Willa is only 6 months older than Madeleine, so we're hoping they'll be friends.

The problem is Madeleine still isn't really sure what to do with other babies.
She was actually really excited to see Willa and her older brother Jonas.
But last time Madeleine saw Willa, she wasn't mobile.

In anticipation of Willa's next visit, Madeleine learned to crawl determined to keep up with Willa.

But unfortunately for Tiny, Willa had learned to walk,
and run,
and climb.

To quote one of Matt's favorite lines from an incredibly hokey movie:
Offspring: "My powers have more than doubled since we last met, Count."
Willa: "Good. Twice the pride. Double the fall."

Willa did most of the falling though.
Tiny just sat confused in the middle of floor, not really sure what to do.
Jonas thankfully gave her a bit of attention before going outside to catch fireflies.

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