Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 months

Our tiny is getting less tiny. 
Weighing in at 13 lb. 7 oz., she is chubbing up. 
It seems like every time I look at her I find a new baby dimple. 
She's just over 25 inches. So much bigger than our 18 inch baby that we brought home.

A few things this month.
She still loves her fingers.
When she is done eating, she sits there and chews on her bottle.
Whenever I try to take it from her, she'll give it another suck just to let me know she's still "working" on it.
She rolls back and forth now, but she's not super mobile yet.
She loves being on her belly, and for the most part just hangs out on it.
She usually only rolls back on her back if it brings her closer to her precious binky. 

Early this month she really started reaching for things.
I love it.
It's the best thing since the eye rubbing to let me know she's tired.
Matt and I crack up when it's time to feed her.
We filmed it so you could see it too.

She can sit pretty well if we sit her up.
We can always tell when she wants to be sitting.
She'll do a half crunch and then starts whining until we help her up.
She rewards us with a happy squeal and a big smile.

It's okay if she falls over though.
She thinks it is the coolest thing ever and squeals even more.

She can sleep through the night and we moved her into her crib this month.
She goes to sleep around 7 and sleeps almost 12 hours, with only 1 night feeding.
There is one exception though.
She can move backwards pretty well, and sometimes will get her head stuck in a weird angle in the crib.
She starts screaming and fussing.
It's so pathetic, so we don't really mind getting up for that. :)

No teeth yet, but we are pretty sure that will change soon,
but for now we are sure enjoying that toothless grin.

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  1. This is the cutest!!! Love the video lol :) I'm sad you guys aren't close to me so I can see her more often!! Love you guys!! Good luck with everything!