Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was pretty awesome. 
Matt made me breakfast.
I got chocolate and a temple envelope with the Oquirrh Mt. temple on it.
(That's where we were married.)
I was thrilled!

Then we drove down to Alpine.
To see my mom, but more importantly my siblings!!!
They are on missions. So we only get to talk to them twice a year.

We skyped with Mollie.
She looked so happy.
She thought baby was cute and looked just like the photos.

Talking to Riley was funny.
I really loved it.

Matt took pictures of baby and me outside.
She wasn't so sure about the pine cones or the dumb chickens my parents own.
But we got some good ones.

And is a random picture of her and one of her great-grandmas.
Granny is one of my favorite people to visit.
She always has something snarky to say.
Lately the last few times we have visited she has said,
"No wonder why she can't roll over.
She can hardly move in those damn jeans."

Wise words. Don't you think?

(By the way just for the record, Madeleine can roll over (even in jeans), just not command. She's not as well trained as a dog.)

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  1. Oh, my goodness, Madeleine is so stinking cute! Hey, now that you're coming to the East Coast, I might just have to drive up from North Carolina and meet her. ;)