Sunday, May 19, 2013

Matt's Birthday! (Yesterday)

Matt's birthday was yesterday! Even though he wouldn't have minded if we didn't do anything for his birthday, I would, so I tried to go all out for his birthday. I even had bought Baby a new dress for the occasion!

It was such a disaster. It was kind of like a pinterest fail. I had one beautiful image in my brain how the day should go, but the real result was laughable.

First, since Tiny Offspring is teething, neither of us has slept much this week. I tried really hard not to wake Matt up when I got up to comfort her. I figured that he deserved a decent night sleep and even could sleep in! Around 5am, Baby finally went to sleep, and I curled up to sleep next to Matt. Mission accomplished.

No. Next thing I know...

"Knock, knock, knock."

It took a minute for my brain to register that someone was at the door, and when my brain had computed it, I was horrified! No one really knows we live here, and it was only 8!!! Who could be knocking on the door?

I poked Matt awake, because clearly whoever was up this early had evil intentions, and there was no way that I was going to answer it.

He went up stairs and came back. It was the postman, dropping off our BYU diplomas since they didn't fit in the mailbox and it was raining.

(So maybe not quite as evil as I imagined)

We couldn't go back to sleep after all that adrenaline had been pumped through our bodies (and the fact our teething monster was awake and looking all cute too.)

Therefore, we got up. My plan of letting Matt sleep in didn't happen, but to make up for it I let him open his presents. Only I hadn't wrapped them yet, so he just pulled them out of a paper bag.

(more like what I had imagined)

By now it was 8:15...I hadn't planned to be up this early or the we did nothing.

After sitting there semi-awkwardly, Matt was kind of bored so he called his family, but no one picked up.

And then we still weren't really sure what to do...

So then he taught me organic chemistry, because we aren't super creative and I had been wanting to learn a bit more about it for a while.

But really...that's not the most exciting thing to do for your birthday.

Birthday Man with baby in new dress 
(Somewhere in the mix, I found out my camera charger less photos than I had wanted.)

The day ticked by, and finally it was late enough for dinner. Redemption!!

I had bought Matt some real pepperoni (the kind you can slice) for one of his presents, and there was just no way we could mess up pizza. Thank goodness this part worked, because the "cake" was just sad.

Matt had pick out brownie mix box and chocolate ice cream, how could I mess this up??

Well, right when the brownies were about done, our Tiny woke up, so Matt volunteered to run downstairs and calm her down. I took the brownies out and put the candles in, before waiting for Matt...thinking nothing of the wax candles melting in the very hot fresh brownies. I was too excited to have hot brownies and ice cream.

After 5 minutes, I noticed the candles were getting droopy. Thinking that was slightly weird, I picked out up, only to find that any part of the candle that had been in the cake had lost all of its wax.

Droopy candles

Panicked, I ran downstairs and pulled Matt upstairs. He helped me search the kitchen for something to light them with, before I sang him a rushed happy birthday, so he could blow out the candles while there was still something left of them!!

The small remains of the candles

After he blew them out, he went back downstairs to comfort our now crying baby, while I tried to pick out the wax on his cake.

As you can tell it went completely according to plan. ;)

Anyway, I'm so glad that I'm married to someone that can laugh about days like this with me and doesn't mind teaching organic chemistry to his wife on his birthday. I'm so happy that he was crazy enough to marry me.

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Sweetheart! 

I love you!

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